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Fear – Not
August 3, 2011, 5:58 am
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We just got through watching the movie “Sphere” by Barry Levinson based on the book of the same name by Michael Citon.  The story was of those who were offered a sphere to create anything they wanted and instead manifested their fears which almost resulted in their own destruction.

Since 9/11/2011, we have been media-brainwashed into a state of total fear and we gave them everything they wanted so we wouldn’t be afraid.  We gave them the U.S. Constitution under the guise of the Patriot Act, Operation Iraqi Freedom that destroyed the cradle of western civilization, and the Bail Out that just kept the real criminals out of jail.  But, they still keep scaring us!  They threaten to take away our “American” way of life, but is it really our way of life or just our imagination made from what they wanted us to believe?  So what’s up next?

Aside from the 14 trillion dollar debt to pay for the ten years’ war against terror (all generated by global corporations) and another 14 trillion dollars that was given by the Federal Reserve (made of global corporate banks) to bail out global corporate banks, the President of the United States says that to keep things going we must all now go into austerity measures to pay for what we – or is it they – created.  What they have underestimated is that there are a lot more angry citizens than they think, who do not wish to be terrorized any longer by military-industrial-congressional complex extortionists.

So what will the Government try to do?  Cut spending on everything, but keep giving welfare and tax breaks to the corporations and to those that make over a quarter-million dollars a year?  So what?  Create more false flag operations?  So what?  Cause more wars?  So what?  Declare martial law?  So what?  Fake an extraterrestrial invasion?  So what?  Boo!  So what?  We’re tired and bored of being scared, so what’s next?

There are those out there making it difficult; all they will have is money and gold and material things. When times get tough for them, all those who believed them will betray them and take what they have.  The ones who believed them will also be the ones looting and killing each other.  All of them will die alone and poor due to their own making.  So what?

Use a little creativity to build communities that don’t depend on the extortionists and their thugs.  Buy, sell, trade, be happy, laugh, have a good time with neighbors and friends.  We have been through a lot and what keeps things going is how we help our neighbors, friends, and each other out in tough times.

Make heaven here on earth.  Live in the kingdom of heaven.  Be happy for judgment day has already come.  What did you decide?


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