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Prayer is Nice, But Direct Action is Better
July 17, 2011, 7:24 pm
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As the actions of a corrupt and criminal military-industrial-congressional complex take over the economy, forcing it into a downward spiral for the exploitation and theft of human energy and natural resources, prayer and hoping for the best can do very little when the jack boot of corporate fascism is pushing you under.  Direct action is the logical alternative to keep the leaches and thieves from sucking the life out of us and breaking the oppression of the corporate fascists.  Here are some suggestions on what direct action you can easily take by not giving the military-industrial-congressional complex and corporate fascists anything that you do not have to:

1.  Stop purchasing corporate products like gasoline (1 trillion dollars / year), cell phone time, soda pop, energy drinks, genetically engineered foods, and drugs.

2.  Reduce the amount of energy we have to purchase by using shut-off power strips to plug in appliances.

3.  As a worker, slow down production when threatened with reduction in benefits, pay, and hours, thus using up more of the company’s and CEO’s resources when threatened.  The workers in the U.S. produce more per worker than any country on this planet, so take the corporate CEO’s bonus away by producing less until the ones who actually do the work get more for their work.  If CEOs wish to increase their corporate profits, then CEOs can limit their total salary and compensation to 5 times or less than that of the lowest paid worker in their company – shareholders should demand it!

4.  Reduce your federal tax load, just like the corporations and corporate CEOs do  (most of them don’t pay any taxes and we were forced to bail them out and assume their debt load (14 trillion dollars now)) or vote to have everyone and every corporation pay their fair share with an equal flat tax.

5.  Educate yourself!  Do not go to college, unless you are working and can pay as you go.  College is now overpriced and a ticket to debtor’s prison.  Student loans are not forgivable, current student loan rates are high, and you must start to repay student loans within 6 months after you graduate (with wages and benefits at a record low).  If you don’t repay, the Department of Education SWAT team will drag you out of your home (Stockton, California, 2011) and put you in a corporate-run prison until you pay off your loan and incarceration expenses, at a fraction of minimum wage – in other words, lifetime in debtor’s prison.

6.  Help each other!  If the corrupt and criminal military-industrial-congressional complex threatens to not approve the federal government budget and refuses to pay for infrastructure, social security, and Medicare – that have already been paid for and people depend on — then go on strike and help each other!  The corrupt and criminal military-industrial-congressional complex are the ones who have looted the treasury and shut down the economy in first place!


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