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Healing the Earth
June 21, 2010, 6:05 pm
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June 21, 2010 / Updated January 3, 2011

At this time the Earth’s thin crust,  at a point located about one mile under the sea in the Gulf of Mexico, has been punctured by oil interests in an attempt to withdraw oil with a catheter.  Due to haste and negligence by the oil interests the catheter has been broken both inside and outside of the Earth’s crust, and the Earth’s crust is bruised and hemorrhaging from its own internal arterial pressure into its seas.  The Earth’s seas control its outside temperature regulation.  The Earth is currently in a state of shock.  If careful intervention steps are not taken, the Earth will die and so will most of its more complex life forms.

We are reducing our dependence on oil and are hoping and praying the humans on this planet will.

Please see the Link Category “Earth” in the left side bar where Earth’s injury is observed and a call for human unity to save the Earth is made.

Regarding the Zeitgeist call for unity – we don’t totally agree with the group calling for unity, but we know we can put aside any differences and all work together to save and restore our planet and mother Earth to sustain all.

Think and search the web for calm, peace, tranquility, harmony, and ways to restore the Earth like permaculture, bicycling, locally grown food, community building, community sponsored agriculture, and better Earth friendly housing / building technologies.

Please think, meditate, and act now – generations are depending on us!


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