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Little Light of Mine Friends’ Worship Group
January 2, 2011, 7:45 am
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Greetings!  This is Little Light of Mine Friends Worship Group Blog / Newsletter.  Little Light of Mine Friends Worship Group started meeting on March 7, 2010.  We meet the first and third Sundays.  Please note that we are changing our meeting locations to the great outdoors within and around the Southeast Portland, Oregon area.  Please check this blog’s calendar for times and locations.  All Friends and Seekers are welcome!  Please arrive a little early to center.  Also, we wish to thank St. Paul’s Lutheran Church for allowing us to worship in their space the past 1-3/4 years and Reedwood Friends Church for allowing us to worship in their space for about a year!  In keeping with Quaker testimonies Little Light of Mine Friends Worship Group has agreed to Worship outdoors!

Information on how unprogrammed Friends worship can be found at

Announcements / Calendar
January 8, 2012, 4:38 am
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Little Light of Mine Friends Worship Group

Seventh Month (July) – Weekly Bulletin

First Day, July 7, 2013

Meeting Location: No Meeting – volunteer for the Waterfront Blues Festival

Benefit for Oregon Food Bank – bring cans of food and help box cans of food!

Meeting Time:  NA

First Day, July 21, 2013

Meeting Location:  Mt. Tabor, top of Mt. Tabor Park near Harvey Scott statue

Bring  your own lawn chair or blanket

Meeting Time:  6 to 7 PM


Query for Seventh Month:  Simplicity

Do I center my life in an awareness of God’s Presence so that all things take their rightful place?

Do I live simply and pr0mote right sharing of the World’s bounty?

Do I keep my life uncluttered with things and activities, avoiding commitments beyond my strength and Light?

How do I maintain simplicity, moderation and honesty in my speech, my manner of living and my daily work?

Do I recognize when I have enough?

Is the Life of the Meeting so organized that it helps us to simplify our lives?

WordPress Non-Advertising Thank You!
October 23, 2011, 4:01 am
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A Friend viewed our blog, on 22 October 2011, and mentioned that we had a couple of video advertisements on different pages.  WordPress  has now, as of 23 October 2011, removed the advertisements .  Thank You WordPress!   We are sorry that the advertisements appeared and hope that none of those advertisements offended anyone’s sensibility.  Again we apologize for any inconvenience to our readers.  In peace – Little Light of Mine Friends Worship Group.

Fear – Not
August 3, 2011, 5:58 am
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We just got through watching the movie “Sphere” by Barry Levinson based on the book of the same name by Michael Citon.  The story was of those who were offered a sphere to create anything they wanted and instead manifested their fears which almost resulted in their own destruction.

Since 9/11/2011, we have been media-brainwashed into a state of total fear and we gave them everything they wanted so we wouldn’t be afraid.  We gave them the U.S. Constitution under the guise of the Patriot Act, Operation Iraqi Freedom that destroyed the cradle of western civilization, and the Bail Out that just kept the real criminals out of jail.  But, they still keep scaring us!  They threaten to take away our “American” way of life, but is it really our way of life or just our imagination made from what they wanted us to believe?  So what’s up next?

Aside from the 14 trillion dollar debt to pay for the ten years’ war against terror (all generated by global corporations) and another 14 trillion dollars that was given by the Federal Reserve (made of global corporate banks) to bail out global corporate banks, the President of the United States says that to keep things going we must all now go into austerity measures to pay for what we – or is it they – created.  What they have underestimated is that there are a lot more angry citizens than they think, who do not wish to be terrorized any longer by military-industrial-congressional complex extortionists.

So what will the Government try to do?  Cut spending on everything, but keep giving welfare and tax breaks to the corporations and to those that make over a quarter-million dollars a year?  So what?  Create more false flag operations?  So what?  Cause more wars?  So what?  Declare martial law?  So what?  Fake an extraterrestrial invasion?  So what?  Boo!  So what?  We’re tired and bored of being scared, so what’s next?

There are those out there making it difficult; all they will have is money and gold and material things. When times get tough for them, all those who believed them will betray them and take what they have.  The ones who believed them will also be the ones looting and killing each other.  All of them will die alone and poor due to their own making.  So what?

Use a little creativity to build communities that don’t depend on the extortionists and their thugs.  Buy, sell, trade, be happy, laugh, have a good time with neighbors and friends.  We have been through a lot and what keeps things going is how we help our neighbors, friends, and each other out in tough times.

Make heaven here on earth.  Live in the kingdom of heaven.  Be happy for judgment day has already come.  What did you decide?

Prayer is Nice, But Direct Action is Better
July 17, 2011, 7:24 pm
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As the actions of a corrupt and criminal military-industrial-congressional complex take over the economy, forcing it into a downward spiral for the exploitation and theft of human energy and natural resources, prayer and hoping for the best can do very little when the jack boot of corporate fascism is pushing you under.  Direct action is the logical alternative to keep the leaches and thieves from sucking the life out of us and breaking the oppression of the corporate fascists.  Here are some suggestions on what direct action you can easily take by not giving the military-industrial-congressional complex and corporate fascists anything that you do not have to:

1.  Stop purchasing corporate products like gasoline (1 trillion dollars / year), cell phone time, soda pop, energy drinks, genetically engineered foods, and drugs.

2.  Reduce the amount of energy we have to purchase by using shut-off power strips to plug in appliances.

3.  As a worker, slow down production when threatened with reduction in benefits, pay, and hours, thus using up more of the company’s and CEO’s resources when threatened.  The workers in the U.S. produce more per worker than any country on this planet, so take the corporate CEO’s bonus away by producing less until the ones who actually do the work get more for their work.  If CEOs wish to increase their corporate profits, then CEOs can limit their total salary and compensation to 5 times or less than that of the lowest paid worker in their company – shareholders should demand it!

4.  Reduce your federal tax load, just like the corporations and corporate CEOs do  (most of them don’t pay any taxes and we were forced to bail them out and assume their debt load (14 trillion dollars now)) or vote to have everyone and every corporation pay their fair share with an equal flat tax.

5.  Educate yourself!  Do not go to college, unless you are working and can pay as you go.  College is now overpriced and a ticket to debtor’s prison.  Student loans are not forgivable, current student loan rates are high, and you must start to repay student loans within 6 months after you graduate (with wages and benefits at a record low).  If you don’t repay, the Department of Education SWAT team will drag you out of your home (Stockton, California, 2011) and put you in a corporate-run prison until you pay off your loan and incarceration expenses, at a fraction of minimum wage – in other words, lifetime in debtor’s prison.

6.  Help each other!  If the corrupt and criminal military-industrial-congressional complex threatens to not approve the federal government budget and refuses to pay for infrastructure, social security, and Medicare – that have already been paid for and people depend on — then go on strike and help each other!  The corrupt and criminal military-industrial-congressional complex are the ones who have looted the treasury and shut down the economy in first place!

Gulf of Mexico Transformation
July 29, 2010, 7:26 am
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The waters of Earth may be transformed by human consciousness, so let’s give the energies of love and gratitude to all the living creatures and water in The Gulf of Mexico:

To whales, dolphins, pelicans, fish, shellfish, plankton, coral, algae, all the creatures, and water in The Gulf of Mexico,

I am sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

Prayer by Masaro Emoto (see Earth – Healing The Gulf of Mexico link on left side)

Healing the Earth
June 21, 2010, 6:05 pm
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June 21, 2010 / Updated January 3, 2011

At this time the Earth’s thin crust,  at a point located about one mile under the sea in the Gulf of Mexico, has been punctured by oil interests in an attempt to withdraw oil with a catheter.  Due to haste and negligence by the oil interests the catheter has been broken both inside and outside of the Earth’s crust, and the Earth’s crust is bruised and hemorrhaging from its own internal arterial pressure into its seas.  The Earth’s seas control its outside temperature regulation.  The Earth is currently in a state of shock.  If careful intervention steps are not taken, the Earth will die and so will most of its more complex life forms.

We are reducing our dependence on oil and are hoping and praying the humans on this planet will.

Please see the Link Category “Earth” in the left side bar where Earth’s injury is observed and a call for human unity to save the Earth is made.

Regarding the Zeitgeist call for unity – we don’t totally agree with the group calling for unity, but we know we can put aside any differences and all work together to save and restore our planet and mother Earth to sustain all.

Think and search the web for calm, peace, tranquility, harmony, and ways to restore the Earth like permaculture, bicycling, locally grown food, community building, community sponsored agriculture, and better Earth friendly housing / building technologies.

Please think, meditate, and act now – generations are depending on us!


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